New vision for the Arkdes by Spridd

arkdes nyhet.jpeg


Spridd has developed a proposal for the design of the new permanent exhibition of the Architecture and Design Center in Stockholm.

The proposal is a permanent exhibition that envisions a new museum on two floors inside the ArkDes current premises. The well-known open space in the old drill hall, a space where Pontus Hulten legendary, iconic exhibitions in the 60s took place, is converted into an assemblage of multiple small and large rooms where the visitor can get an insight into various aspects of a broad collection of topics: ArkDes gets a permanent exhibition that establish a center that unites the Museum's various parts.

- "Architecture, design and sustainability are broad, engaging and socially relevant subjects that require space to do them justice. In Spridds bold design, we use our facilities to maximize the exhibition space and create new and many experiences of architecture, design and sustainability in the past, present and in the future, "Veronica Hejdelind, Public Manager of the Architecture and Design Center.

The design of the permanent exhibition in two stories takes advantage of the Drill hall's opportunities in height and light transmission in a way it has not been done before. The row of upper windows facing east provides new views out on the surrounding landscape. The existing skylights are emphasized and the proposal allows individual lighting disposition that can create a unique atmosphere and adapt to handling the light-sensitive media.

- "A solution on two levels provides the opportunity to curate exhibitions with greater flexibility and variety with an architecture that will touch both body and mind", Ola Broms Wessel and Klas Ruin responsible at Spridd

Spridd has extensive experience in exhibition design projects such as exhibitions for Bonniers Konsthall, the Police Museum, the Museum of Work and C center in Norrköping.

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