Spridd at the Bussines Arena

It's time again for the Business Arena Stockholm Waterfront Congress from the 16th to the 17th of September 2015. We are on site to meet with representatives from the environment industry and above all to participate in seminars and debates on current challenges, trends and future issues that are crucial for the development of Sweden.

Klas Ruin, architect and founder of Spridd, participates in seminar 6 on Wednesday, the 16 of Septemberat 16:00, New perspectives on social sustainability.
Topics to be discussed: How to apply the conclusions from a social impact assessment to the reality? How to avoid preconceptions when renovating a Million program area? What is the experience regarding urban planning as a tool to avoid social segregation?

Ola Broms Wessel, ceo, architect and founder of Spridd, participates in seminar 12 on Thursday, the 17th of September at 11:30, How to keep the city open to all? 
Topics to be discussed: Is it possible to balance the market forces influence with the need for a public place? What can architects and planners do to make the city inclusive? How do the major property owners see their role in making the city accessible to everyone?

See you at the Business Arena, please let us know and we'll book a meeting in advance!