Place: Skeppsholmen, Stockholm
Type: Proposal for the new permanent exhibition of ArkDes
Year: 2015

A museum in two stories

The proposal is a permanent exhibition that envisions a new museum with two floors inside the ArkDes current premises. The well-known vast space in the old Exercise Hall, a space where Pontus Hulten legendary, iconic exhibitions in the 60s took place, is converted into multiple small and large rooms where the visitor can take part in various aspects of a broad collection of topics.
The design of the permanent exhibition in two stories use opportunities in height and light transmission in a way it has not been done before. The row of high placed windows facing east provides views out on to the surroundings. The existing skylights are emphasized and the proposal allows individual lighting disposition that can create atmosphere and adapt to handling the light-sensitive media.

Movement: The exhibition is organized to allow guided tours that follow a longer continuous tour through the different rooms on two floors. At the same time the individual visitor can move through rooms with different alternative routes. Two staircases, one at each end of the exhibition, enable the tour in a circular motion in two floors. Location and design of wall openings and double high rooms of different sizes provide the visitor with an experience of wandering in a world of constantly alternatingviews and sight lines in both height and depth.

1. Gallery Room – meets the visitors at the main entrance. The space is shaped by the outer contour of the existing four skylights enhanced by the "light wells" with supplementary lighting. On the upper floor  and partially on the ground floor, a sequence of smaller gallery spacesare assembled. The rooms will grant the visitors with an instant visual and sensual sensation at the first encounter of the permanent exhibition. The objective is that an in-depth study of the interior design would be done in close collaboration with an artist. The Gallery Room offers an overview of the exhibition space along the two parallel lines of sight available on each level through a series of openings.

2. Balcony room - containsthe media library and is located in the center of the exhibition space. This room offersan overview of the height and the depth of the whole exhibition space.The large existing wall is a possible place for projections or other high art exhibition media.

3. Staircase room - is the final room that connects the exhibition with both the Moneo's corner as well as the Café Blom, libraries and Arkdes administrative parts.

S - M - L: Rooms of various sizes and ceiling heights that provide a variety of opportunities for future curator work regardingthiswide permanent exhibition with a spatial a variation.

Flexibility: Disposition of rooms allow temporary local shutdowns of individual rooms without braking the flow of daily operations. Two or more openings to each room provide the ability to easily change the pattern of movement without interruption.

Availability: The two stairs are supplemented with the adjacent elevators to allow full access to the exhibition for visitors with disabilities.