Ola Broms Wessel at the Design Week


Ola Broms Wessel and Spridd participate in the panel discussion The Future of the Past together with Oana Bogdan, Torleif Falk and Louise Schlyter. The conversation is moderated by Mark Isitt and will focus on how contemporary architecture relates to its time.

Location: VH: 01 - The Design Bar / The Victoria Hall

Time: 8 February at 13:00 - 14:00

Welcome to Hökarängen!

180206 Centrumtorget.jpg

Spridd and Bomassan are arranging CENTRUMTORGET, an event in Hökarängen 19/5 - 26/5

We invite you to a participate in discussions around the kitchen table. During a few days in May there will be dinner invitations, discussions and exhibitions at the square in Hökarängen.

At the site, we are building a long table and a temporary kitchen for cooking and conversation during the week 21.

How do we inhabit and live? How do we meet? How do our public spaces look? How do we protect the citizens' interests in the city planning? Bomassan believes in the possibility of planning a city based on the local involvement and knowledge of the place. How can politicians, builders, officials and architects benefit from and actually make use of this local knowledge base?

There is already a strong commitment in the southern part of Stockholm and we want to gather different users of the city (residents, businessmen, businesses, enthusiasts, politicians, researchers, artists etc.) for an investigative dialog about the city of the future.

We will be returning soon with the entire program for the week!

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