Mosque a new silhouette on the E18


Spridd has developed a proposal for the Multicultural Centre with a mosque in Rinkeby outside Stockholm, on behalf of the Islamic Cultural Centre, a local congregation with predominately Somali background. The building has a dramatic location beside the highway E18 where the building will be seen by thousands of commuters every day. Spridd has worked with the client since 2010 leading the process through all stages. In October 2015 the politicians approved the proposal and work has started with realising the building.

Järva is an area with housing for more than 60 000 people, many of foreign background. With the proximity to the parkland at Järvafältet and good connections with the rest of city and the region the area is expanding with new housing and businesses.
In addition to the renovation of The Million Programme residential buildings from the 1960s and 1970s there is a need for improvement of infrastructure and commercial facilities and an upgrade of public spaces that suites current residents  that take advantage of what a multicultural society entails.

The development of commercial and cultural life in the Million Programme areas reflects the resident’s needs. There is a great demand for alternative spaces and a lot of creative initiatives in order to fulfil the needs. Ground floor and basement spaces are used increasingly in other ways than what was originally intended. The next phase of this urban development is the addition of new spaces such as the Multicultural Centre in Rinkeby. The entry level of the centre is designed as a platform resting on the edge of the housing area towards Järvafältet. It forms an open square with connection to the ground floor with  public functions. The high rectangular mosque room is located on the upper floor. Mobile screens allow for flexibility depending on time and activity. The building is designed too be, open for the public, providing space for a restaurant, shops, youth activities, fitness center, education spaces and libraries..
The project will be built on Rinkebysvängen, adjacent to the emblematic facades with access balconies that shape the Rinkeby silhouette with a striking view over Järvafältet only 25 meters from the E18. To obtain a prayer direction toward Mecca, the building has it’s own direction compared to the surrounding city.

After 5 years of work, the plan for the plot has been accepted and the work with the detailed design of the building can start. It will be a positive contribution to Rinkeby and  Stockholm.