Place: Torrox Costa, Malaga
Type: Invited competition 2005
Project group: Clara Abreau, Ola Broms Wessel, Anna Chavepayre, Klas Ruin, Catarina Santos, Christina Shutrick

Semi-detached houses

The scheme suggests an expressive house where the sea view is in focus. The rhythm of outdoor and indoor spaces merges into one big living area. A variation of shady gardens, a habitable patio and a sunny terrace, maximises the use of each parcel in accordance with the maximum building area. The aim is to inhabit the whole plot and integrate outdoor and indoor spaces. The idea is to enable a house that can suit different lifestyles: families with small children needing several rooms and the possibility to close doors, couples living a social life needing open rooms and terraces for social gatherings, etc. The feeling of privacy is important, at the same time the project makes full use of the contact with the sea and enables a varied and generous outdoor life.