Place: Stockholm
Type: Temporary exhibition
Year: completed in 2009

Sunballoons at the exhibition “Life forms”
The exhibition "Life forms" focus on the theme of how nature is portrayed in contemporary art. The exhibition brings together eleven internationally active and acclaimed artists to depict the relationship between nature and culture, the artificial and the organic, art and landscape.
Spridd was once again invited to be in charge of the exhibition architecture. An important part of the exhibition architecture is the Solballongerna; sunscreens powered by solar energy. The balloons are filled up with solar energy so that they cover up the windows in the exhibition hall. This makes thus the sun and its energy visible in the exhibition's architecture. The balloons give a vivid and shifting air to the exhibition following the weather changes during the day.
Technology: photovoltaics, fan, air distribution box of MDF and the balloon of spinnackerduk 35 gram/m2.
Solballongerna is developed in collaboration with researcher Peter Kjaerboe from the Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Energy and sailmakers Peter Hakansson.
Exhibition date: September-December 2009