Villa rr


Place: Helsinki archipelago
Type:All rooms open up towards a terrace
Year: 2007
Project group: Architects Clara Abreau, Ola Broms Wessel, Anna Chavepayre, Nicole Meyer, Klas Ruin, Catarina Santos, Christina Shutrick, Pär Sommarström, Builder: Kari Sontag
Engineer Olle Norrman, Konkret  
Collaboration: aPolis + Spridd

The house is situated on a cliff overlooking the sea. Hight differences of 3 meters in the topography between the front and the back of the building is important in organising the plan. An outdoor staircase in the core of the house establishes the principal contact between the lower backside and the upper front level.The plan is organised in order to minimize the total area. Small private rooms connect to the central space with sliding doors and each room has separate entrance via the continous balcony. Photographer: Patrik Rastenberger

Publications: DN BostadTidningen Skärgårdsliv 
Photo: Patrik Rastenberger