Villa Nylund


Place: Helsingfors archipelago, Helsinki
Year: 2008-2010
Cooperation Spridd + Conclude Skärgårdsservice
Project: Solmaz BIEK, Ola Broms Wessel, Johan Holkers, Klas Ruin, and Katarina Sunden Builder Kari Sontag.

Private non-housing with a view of the horizon
The house is situated on a peaceful cape overlooking the horizon and the Gulf of Finland. The ground floor contains a sequence of rooms for socializing with external and internal rooms intertwining one another. Through the exterior trellis-entrance a wind and rain protected hall and clothing storage is reached. A sheltered dining area under a roof opens up to the view of the sea in the east. The area is also beautifully illuminated through a trellis when the sun sets in the west. From the first floor the unbroken view of the horizon and the single barren pine crowns, are filtered into the bedrooms and office space. Great attention has been taken to the existing variations of the level terrain and the lighting conditions. Choices of colours, shapes and materials has been made to establish a conscious dialogue with the central qualities of the location; the grey cliffs, the golden pine trees and the constant presence of the horizon line that separates the sky and the sea.