Place: Albyberget, Botkyrka
Type: Urban planning
Year: 2014

The housing settlement is formed with alternating building heights organized around the large continuous multifunctional square.
On the west side, the scale is more intimate with the buildings surrounding the square for housing, preschool shared accommodation and live/work spaces. The goal with the live/work spaces is to create adaptable space facing the square with the possibility of complementing the facilities of the existing Alby center.
The middle square contains a mixture of wild and orderly nature. Next to a stormwater pond, which flows into the nearby moraine landscape, a separate pool is established for swimming in the summer and ice skating in the winter. A small discrete bridge separates the two water levels from each other.

On the east side, the settlement is growing in height and is dominated by the 24-storey Alby Tower. The view expands over the valley and the surrouding area. The square is designed for sports and cultural activities in dialogue with residents and associations, which are an important part throughout the construction process.

The square's open structure and position reinforce the connection between the hill and the valley and makes it attractive to people from both areas, as well as guests from the planned hotel in Hallunda. A staircase /amphitheater connects the square to Alby Hill. A possible playground area and a gathering place oriented toward the south with good sun conditions and with comfortable seating. The amphitheaters middle can be used as a small stage and a part of the square below the amphitheater as a bigger stage with access to electricity.
The amphitheater includes a permanent steel structure supporting a retractable textile sun and rain protection. From the middle landing of the staircase, a two level space can be reached, possibly considered for youth activities including a workshop / activity room in the form of Maker Space - see STPLN in Malmö as an example. The amphitheater includes a local coffee bar facing south. The variety of activities on the square the encounter of many people and the mix of cultures.
The subway entrance, located in the high building , forms a passage between the parking area and the square, connecting the area in east-west direction. The subway hall includes a kiosk and a space for an additional store. The space directly adjacent to subway hall is flexible and can accommodate shops or public facilities, for example a local police station.
Integrating the subway station in the Alby Tower is planned as a part of creating a safe and active social environment.
The top floor of the high building includes a space with plenty of natural light. This space can for example accommodate a combination of coffee bar and greenhouses open for the public.