the portrait of the police


Place: The Police Museum, Stockholm
Type: Permanent exhibition "The portrait of the Police"
Year: Inaugurated, October 2007
Project group: Ola Broms Wessel, Anna Chavepayre, Nicole Meyer, Klas Ruin, Pär Sommarström, Christina ShutrickCurator: Josefine Floberg Eriksson

The exhibition shows the image of the Police in film, TV, newspapers, literature, music and computer games. In contrast to these images, interviews with policemen are displayed where they talk about the every day police life.A white scene has been created which functions like a surface in the middle of a seemingly endless black space. In the black space, projections are showed of the police in the world of fiction. At the edge between the white and black spaces, monitors show the interviews with the police. There are back lit images in the ceiling and projections on the floor where two showcases are placed with objects from historical police events. The intention is to create a fictional infinite space, with references to a dissolved modernistic space.