The museum of work



Place: Norrköping
Year: 2007-2013
Project group: Clara Abreau, Ola Broms Wessel, Anna Chavepayre, Klas Ruin, Catarina Santos, Christina Shutrick, Pär Sommarström
Collaboration: aPolis + Spridd + Hjärta Smärta

Constructivism in the exhibition
”The industrialised country”
Exhibition 2007-2012
The Museum of Work, Norrköping

A winning contribution for the competion to the exhibit ” The industrialised country - when Sweden became modern.” The exhibition focuses on the period 1930 – 1980 when Sweden became industrialised and the welfare system was developed. The exhibition weaves together the memories of individuals with the major issues of the time, politics and economy. The exhibition design and the graphic form allude well to the constructivistic visionary play with scale and shape.