satellit h


Place: Helsinki archipelago, Helsinki
Year: 2004
Project group: Architects Klas Ruin, Elin Strand, Leo Qvarsebo.
Building master: Kari Sontag.
Photo: Antonius Van Arkel

One island - one dwelling

The villa was built in 2004 on a small island in the outer archipelago west of Helsinki, amidst impressive and sometimes even aggressive natural scenery. From their city centre apartment the owners can reatch the island by boat in 45 minutes. With its high standards of comfort and environmental control, Satellite H is virtually a second city home away from the city. The villa has a total floor area of 83 square metres.Continous terraces and staires on three sides of the building define the boundary zone between the building and its surroundings. The terraced inner court provides an outdoor space protected from the wind, with open views across the sea and towards the evening sun. The interior spaces are arranged on three levels. The top level bedroom in the north-west corner overlooks the inner court below and provides an expensive view over the horizon whilst lying in bed.The fenestration of the roof and the facades as well as their cladding are handled in a uniform manner in order to emphasise continuity. The organisation of the house is partially derived from the island it occupies – with its clearly defined shorline, falt rock surfaces, where it is easy to place furniture, and a sheltering zone of vegitation at the centre – an island on an island.

Publication:  DN