While working with the Nordic Built Challenge, Spridd was given the opportunity to further develop methods for the renovations and the town planning analysis developed through previous projects.

To meet the demands for a general model for the renovation of the late modernist residential settlements and as a way to systematize work on the renovation process, Spridd has, together with NCC, presented a 12-point model that breaks down the project in parts which include both life in the area and the buildings. The aim was to get rid of the stigma that this type of a housing settlement has had. The goal is to, through these individual points, locate and enhance what is valuable and , rather than trying to identify problems which should then be addressed. The approach was applied in the competition Fittja as an example, and is currently being realized on site in Fittja.

The Million Programme Watch presents the beginning of Spridds ongoing work to systematize the methods and processes used in the other projects in modified form. The Watch will never be finished, but modified accordingly to each particular project.