Place: Nässjö
Type: Competition
Year: 2007
Project group: Ola Broms Wessel, Anna Chavepayre, Jim Hagelin, Nicole Meyer, Klas Ruin, Christina Shutrick, Artist Matilda Fahlsten, Structural engineer Sture Samuelsson

Nässjö primarily has a need for apartments for families with children and the now retiring baby-boom generation. Generally, for these groups, a lot of time is spent at home. Important qualities in the project are therefore:- Every apartment has a big outdoor space.- Every apartment has a direct contact with a garden, either on the ground or an allotment on the roof.- The project represents rational, cost efficient solutions with a high tech wood construction based on the regional wood tradition.The repetition of the balconies in the façade makes a ‘knitting’ between the outdoor and indoor spaces possible. Spridd worked with the artist Matilda Fahlsten to find a colour scheme for every house with inspiration from Tartan patterns. The façade is suggested to be in mold plywood. With new techniques, it is possible to build a multi story house in massive wood.