Fittja people's palace


Place: Botkyrka, Stockholm
Type: First prize in competition (Swedish part of Nordic Built Challenge)
Year: 2013-
Client: Nordic Innovation and Botkyrkabyggen
Collaboration: NCC

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Fittja People’s Palace was the winning proposal in the Swedish part of the Nordic Built Challenge 2013 – a multidisciplinary competition that asked for sustainable, profitable and scalable methods for the renovation of some of the most common building types the Nordic countries. Spridd won the competition together with NCC and the project has now been realized.

A fundamental part of the project is to take advantage of the qualities of the area, utilize its potential and involve residents, local business people, politicians and organisations in a transparent process. In the dialogue with the tenants a former, a storage space on the ground floor was transformed into an exhibition hall and meeting place where the project and future developments were discussed with the residents.

Fittja is a typical example of the post-war welfare architecture of Sweden – built as a response to the social aspirations of affordable housing for all citizens of the 1960s and 70s. Today there is an immediate need for renovation of these areas. The municipal real estate company Botkyrkabyggen AB searched for a method to renovate its property in Fittja that would be able to solve urgent technical problems without considerably increasing the rent while at the same time contributing to the area´s long-term development.

The renovation comprises one building on Krögarvägen in Fittja with 72 apartments and includes technical upgrading, energy enhancement and improvement of common spaceswith the tenants staying in their apartments during the process. The intention is to develop a method that can be applied to the entire area in a longer perspective.

Jury pronouncement

Fittja Peoples Palace is the most courageous proposal in the competition. Although not innovative in any classical sense, it does represent a radical departure. The proposers dared to suggest small, but strategic changes. The proposal adhered to the financial parameters established in the programme and thereby satisfied competition objectives. The proposers managed to make the difficult decisions considered compromises.

The proposal does not involve a total remodernization with full accessibility, maximum additional insulation and total renovation of the apartments. Instead, less strategic, surgical action is proposed that satisfies requirements in a sufficiently good way, or in the best possible way, as it will allow current tenants to remain in their homes and enjoy a much-improved living environment.

The approach that runs throughout the proposal is scalable, i.e. it can be applied to many other million programme districts, even if it can be criticized for producing buildings that, once renovated, will not meet that standards of new-build properties in respect of full accessibility, acoustics, air quality or energy efficiency. The absence from the proposal of an FTX system is something that the jury criticized, but the final analysis this criticism was not regarded as being fatal to the proposal.


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